Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Curly Hair

There are five (5) things you should know about curly hair.

1. Vigorously scrub your scalp with shampoo to clean an buildup of oil or any product you been using to hair. Gently massage the rest of the hair with the shampoo from root to ends. Ring hair out gently. Conditioner should be applied to ends first then to the mid-shaft and a small amount near, but not on the scalp.

2. Pay close attention to the weather. The more humid it is the more your hair will curl, especially around your temples and the base of your neck. It is recommended wearing your hair curly or wavy when humid. If you flat iron your hair you must use humidity resistant products or your hair will re-curl.

3. Mostly of us don't understand that a curls move in one direction and if your hair is cut one curl goes to right and the other goes to left according to each curl. For the stylist, it very important to them to know for styling purposes because one side will be easier to style than the other depending on what direction you want your ends to go.

4. When drying curly hair make sure product is in the ends of your hair so it does so it does not frizz. Use a diffuser that is a bowl shape and that also has the vertical plastic pieces protruding from the inside of the bowl. Make sure not to run your fingers thru your hair after every curly styles as this will give you an Afro.

5. Curly hair loses more moisture than straight hair. If your hair is dry try a conditioning treatment in clean, dry, lightly misted hair, no more than twice a week.  This will ensure better saturation without water dilution and will cause your hair to be less tangled, shinier, and will make you color stay longer. If you do not see steam coming from your hair while flat ironing then you do not have enough moisture in your hair.

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