Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tracking Speeding Violators

Mostly of the accident are caused by speeding violation. They are risking their life as well as their passengers and the people on the road.

Here's some safety tips:
1. Drive professionally.
2. Never over or under speed if you think there's no government authority are watching to catch you!
3. Be careful and never drive when you are sleepy, drunk, dizzy or drowsy.
4. You cannot beat the traffic light! Be a responsible drivers!

Lastly, may the simple tips educate every drivers, to be responsible at all means as they start their engine.

MMDA List of Speeding-Violators

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Hat "Handmade Creations by Cil"

One day, when I was a little sick reading my reviewer for the future examination, I needed to divert something creative to please myself or to at least relax my brain. I decided why not making hats using colors that I like.

After I finished one hat and Oh boy!, I don't like to stop making for more. It is very addictive so I made more and posted them online. The lady noticed the winter hats picture she then asked me if I am selling them..., I replied: Yes, If I get an order and in few hours I got a private message from another friend and told me she wanted to have 10 hats.

I am also surprised because bunches of people likes my creations and wanted to buy some. Amazing isn't it?

Completed the first order and these are ready for shipping to Canada. A hard work is paid off!!! I am working on the second order to New York for now...I'm liking it!

(Some update: Was sending hats to Washington State, Washington DC, Atlanta, Hawaii and more...)

I never thought I'll earned money for a simple creations that I gladly appreciate.

Lesson: Use negative circumstances and pushes yourself in reaching your goal to a positive way of life. Never give up your dreams ‘till you reach it as you are always the foundation of the life you build. Stay strong and trust that you can do it!
And always remember that; when we are doing good and it is from the heart, the people will noticed them and you'll get an appreciations or a cash.