Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dating Online

I should say thank you to the internet world but once again there are too many people abuses the net and victimized their "CHATMATE". You need a clue? Okay, just keep reading and I can reveal some few stories here.

Story 1 - - There are so many people on the net looking for someone looking for a partner or just there to victimize their prospect.
Helpful Tips:
***Be careful with good conversationalist.
Hint: 1. Asking money as she/he is sick or family member is sick.
Hint: 2. Asking money for the education cause they want to study nursing,etc. It's not wrong to help but you must really know the person whom you are going to trust with. You must know the real name, the status if(single,married,separated,divorced/annulled,widow or widower),their complete address and the most important thing here, don't get fool those who pretended to be a woman and looks like woman.

Story 2 - - There are so many people uses names of their relatives and friends to claim money on their behalf so be aware on this one.
Helpful Tips:
***Make sure you knew your chatmate enough blown away your hard earn money. Try bank to bank transaction that way you can trace these person if she/her is trying to scam.

Story 3 - - Meeting with your chatmate.
Helpful Tips:
*** Be aware they are stranger even though you constantly talked online.
Hint: 1. Safeguard your passport,visa,money and credit cards. Also you must have contact number of your embassy incase the visit went wrong.
Hint: 2. If anything stolen from your position you must report it to the local authority (Police or Sheriff).
Hint: 3. Ask assistance from your embassy if you are in danger.
Hint: 4. I highly suggest that you keep important information about you that is accessible online eg.( Passport # & Telephone#  of your immediate family). Make that that info is protected and not hackable.

Story 4 - - You must know a little story of the place you are going and as much as you must inform your family how's everything doing. The first reason of notifying your family is to let them know you are okay and safe. The second reason is when the time you are out of reached they can seek help to find you.

Story 5 - - Don't go to a place which considered terrorist area or danger zones. Let your chatmate meet you in a neighboring place. Always think of your safety first.

Story 6 - - If you are from foreign country you don't know the local language outside your country. It's not a problem just be observant you will know if something isn't right. Be smart; observe, observe and observe.

Story 7 - - In the first meeting find a way to exchange identifications to know this person is using real name or what.. Here are valid identification that is hard to falsify: "Passport & Government Ids".

I am hoping that this post will be a guide on how to avoid scammers and players online. Now, I have to say: Goodluck, in finding the best compatible person to be your partner and have a healthy relationship.