Saturday, August 1, 2009

President Cory C.Aquino 1933-2009

Born in 1933 and died in 2009.

What makes her popular was her journey during Martial Law and she became a mother of the country (Philippines) which has shown to the people the true freedom.

A person that doesn't abused her power during her term and even her term was ended she remained active in protecting the freedom of the country. We truly experienced to have a great mother of the nation and a commander in chief during her leadership.

Cory, Ikaw'y simbolo ng tunay na pinuno. You never abused your power. My hand had salute to your greatness. As a Filipino, I really admired you. I loved you, and I will miss you. I am thankful for your service in the Philippines. Your memory remains in my heart.

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I think its an great achievement by president Cory c. Aquino

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