Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Spousal Visa Application

Based on the applications we filed @ USCIS service center, both applications was approved only Form I-129F for K3 (immediate relative under non-immigrant category) arrived on the mail first so i scheduled my medical and interview then the next week my Form I-130 for CR1/IR1(immediate relative under immigrant category)arrived so i asked my husband if he wanted me to cancel K3 application and proceed to CR1/IR1 category,his answer was i wanted you here before my birthday which i understand.

To make the story short, A K3 visa holder i am allowed to stay in United States for 2 years but not allowed to work. So as K3 i need to file Employment Authorization Document ( EAD ) which i didn't file as i decided to wait and file for Adjustment of Status whom i can file EAD at the same time for free of charge lol.

Okay with CR1/IR1 when you arrived in United States you are a holder of "Conditional Green Card" for 2 years with EAD, so if you wanted to work you with this type of application. And when your CR1/IR1 is about to expiry you need to file removal of condition.

For additional informations visit www.USCIS.gov

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