Friday, July 24, 2009

Short Term Course in Medical Related studies

If you wanted to study with medical related courses, here are some idea which one you are going to pursue.

1. HHA (Home Health Aide ) -
This program of study is designed to prepare students for employment as Home Health Aides for private, Medicaid and Medicare Certified Home Care Agencies. Students will perform their duties in the clients home environment. And the course consists of the following:
a.) Introduction to Home care
b.) Communication Skills
c.) Understanding how the body functions
d.) Safety and Body Mechanics
e.) Basic Emergency care
f.) Vital Signs
h.) Nutrition
i.) Home Maintenance Personal Care Activity
j.) Common Health Problems seen in the home
k.) The dying Client ;HIV/AIDS/OSHA

2. Nursing Assistant or known as ( CNA ) -
This program is designed to prepare students for employment as Nursing Assistants, Nurses Aides, and Orderlies in various health care settings. Upon successful completion of program, students are prepared to take the State Certification Examination for Nursing Assistant. The course consists of the following:
a.) Introduction and Overview of Health care
b.) Duties of the Nursing Assistant
c.) Body Structures
d.) Growth and Development
e.) Rehabilitation and Rest
f.) Understanding Patient care
g.) Discharging a patient
h.) Nutrition Fluid and Diet Therapy
i.) Infection Control
j.) Vital Signs; CPR, AED, BLS, Infant Child and Adult
k.) Special Procedures, Hot and Cold; Application; Death and Dying; Care of Mentally Impaired/Alzheimer's Disease; Medical Terminology; HIV/AIDS training.

3. Medical Assistant -
You will be prepared to maintain the highest quality of patient care; take vital signs, run laboratory and diagnostic tests, all while, utilizing your organizations, communications and management skills.
a.) Patient care and communication
b.) Clinical assisting and pharmacology
c.) Medical insurance, bookkeeping and health sciences
d.) Cardiopulmonary procedures
e.) Laboratory procedures
f.) Endocrinology and reproduction
g.) Therapeutic care and much more

The medical assisting profession has become indispensable to the health care field. Medical assistant can be a doctor's assistant but their services are also being requested by hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, medical supply businesses, home health agencies, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Also after you finish your course you can apply as:
a.) Clinical or Administrative Assistant
b.) Medical Receptionist
c.) Medical Insurance Biller
d.) Medical Office Assistant

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