Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Aid for Baby

Seeking for an ounce of prevention or a pound of cure for our little ones?

Here are helpful tips for both Parents & Nannies :

A.) Bites from insects or animals
You should wash carefully with soap and water. Apply antiseptic and consult your doctor immediately for you never know rabies can be transmitted by many animals.

B.) Bruises
Cold compresses will tend to prevent swelling. Hot compresses will often diminish it as well as relieve pain. Both are helpful, however, cold compresses are superior.

C.) Minor Burns
An application os sterile ointment or a vaseline ir oil dressing will make the baby more comfortable so do it.

D.) Major Burns
You must call the doctor immediately.

E.) Convulsion
When baby has high fever. So you must call your doctor immediately and while waiting for the doctor turn your child on either side, to prevent swallowing of tongue until spell passes, then follow what the physician's have told you.

F.) Fractures
You must kept the baby as still as possible until the doctor can make a diagnosis of suspected fracture, which is often hard to recognize.

G.) Head Injuries
If child exhibits extreme drowiness, unconsciousness,vomiting or bleeding from ears, mouth,nose,or eyes, you must call the doctor immediately or go to the nearest hospital. Keep the child comfortable and as quiet as possible.

H.) Poisons
If suspected, call the doctor for immediate treatment. Induce vomiting by placing finger down throat and pull tongue forward.

I.) Suffocation
In small babies, frequently caused by congestion in the nose or throat. Make sure these are clean. After that, holding baby upside down by his ankles will help. Call doctor or fire department for immediate help.

J.) Swallowed Objects
If visible, remove with finger or attempt to induce vomiting but incase it is sharp such as open pin, Do not slap on back. Prompt medical attention is recommended so u must call the doctor or take baby to the hospital.

K.) Minor Wounds
Wash carefully with soap and water and apply mild antiseptic

L.) Major Wounds
A sterile dressing, so applied to inhibit bleeding until arrival of your physician.


AED said...

Hey excellent article on first Aid for children i must say. this will help mothers all around those who read it. To assist a victim experiencing an emergency medical situation one need to be trained in first aid

Gurl~Whoa said...

Thank you so much for your comment.