Monday, July 13, 2009

Fiancee Visa Application

A Fiancee Visa( K1 )once approved by USCIS you should marry your partner within 90 days then file an Adjustment of Status( AOS ), to maintain his/her stay in United States.

How to start the application?
1. Meet your partner in person.
2. Gather various documents, eg : birth certificate(BC), certificate of no marriage(CENOMAR), Divorced Decree, Pictures of you together, Passports,etc. that certify how true is the relationship.

How to File?
1. Petitioner will send I-129F package to United States Service Center. See instructions @

2. Along with your I-129F, submit G-325a your biographic information.

3. Affivadit of Support is needs to be notarized I-134

Then you should wait to receive Noticed of Action1 and Noticed of Action2 about the status of your application.

Next steps :

1. Beneficiary schedule your interview @ US Embassy Manila, Philippines.
2. Payment of Visa at any bank designated bank.
3. Payment of DELBROS at any designated bank.
4. Schedule your Medical Exam ahead of time @ St Lukes, Manila.
5. Appear on your interview date and be there at least 2hrs in advance.

For any additional questions leave a comment and i will try what i can help.

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