Friday, April 24, 2009

TB Skin Test is required

I had my skin test last week and i am worried if i have TB problem or if i am exposed to the people that has Tuberculosis because the area of my arm has red spot in it. But thanks be to God my tuberculin test( PPD) is negative and what happened to my arm is only a reactions for i had BCG injection when i was infant and also a history of skin allergy which resulted to arm redness. Plus all my vaccines are taken outside the country and not here in USA.

Purpose of(TB skin Test)Tuberculin Test?

Is to determine if the immune response to the bacterium that causes TB or you are currently has TB or exposed it in the past.

How it is read?

Reading the skin test - means detecting a raised, thickened local area of skin reaction, referred to as induration. Induration is the key item to detect, not redness or bruising. Skin tests should be read between 48 and 72 hours after the injection when the size of the induration is maximal. Tests read after 72 hours tend to underestimate the size of the induration.

How are skin test results interpreted?

Redness of your arm doesn't measured but the amount of induration (localized swelling). I mean the diameter of the induration should be measured transversely,for example: perpendicular to the long axis of the forearm and recorded in millimeters.

You Considered Positive:

1.If the area of induration is palpable, raised, hardened area ~ around the site of injection is the reaction to tuberculin.

2.If the induration greater than or equal to 15 mm.

3.If blisters are present (vesiculation).

4.If the patients who are immunocompromised, such as people with rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn's disease, 5 mm of induration.

5. And if a person with underlying kidney disease, diabetes, or a health-care worker or personal contact of someone with active TB, 10 mm of induration.

You Considered Negative :

If the induration of less than 2 mm, without blistering, is considered a negative skin test. Redness isn't the question it is the Bump of the area of your arm where the test is performed.

But be warn:

A negative test does not always mean that a person is free of for TB problem so protect yourself against it. And for the people who have been infected with TB may not have a positive skin test if their immune function is compromised by chronic medical conditions, cancer chemotherapy, or AIDS.

In addition, some of the people who are newly diagnosed tuberculosis of the lungs will also have a negative result, possibly due to poor immune function, poor nutrition, accompanying viral infection, or steroid therapy. And over 50% of patients with widespread, disseminated TB which spread throughout the body will also have a negative TB test. So i should say, prevention and complete awareness of TUBERCULOSIS is the key to protect yourself from TB.

Have a healthy life style.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A wonderful Person~Susan Boyle

I was watching our local news they talked about of a 47 years of age woman, Susan Boyle who joined "BRITAINS GOT TALENT" that proved to the public she got a talent that nobody can take it. Also she wake up those judgmental people who judged someone by personal appearances.

To those who wanted to watch her performance in "BRITAINS GOT TALENT 2009" do it in Youtube and you will see how did the Judges and the audience is surprised by her voice.

For Susan Boyle, you are truly a nice person and a gifted woman. We loved you.