Saturday, October 18, 2008

DRIVING in the influence of Alcohol may killed Innocent People

God is so Good..... have faith.
I thought we gonna die but God saved us from death. Yesterday my husband's wallet left in his work truck so he told me, we are going to get it and have dinner outside after shopping.

To make the story short he started to drive and in few minutes i heard boom! so i was asking him what's wrong with the mechanics? He didn't answer me but begin to louder his voice trying to open the window and look at the back of the car. So i followed him oh boy! windshield of the car was broken. So i immediately told him to behave and calm down as i dont like him to be mad since we dont bring medicine/pill for high blood pressure.

Blonde woman who is 29 years hit our car and good thing no major damages but bumper and windshield. The woman try to negotiate asking my husband about insurance and my husband said yes i have insurance and after she knew we have it she started saying i dont like cop involved in this, i have to shoulder all damages but there concern citizen dial 911 and in few minutes sherriff and state tropper arrived.

She said she was sorry and i told her its okay we have to be thankful to God we are alive and she added i am nervous, why not she drive under the influence of alcohol that damages her car and ours.

We never know she is drunk until the sherriff and state troffer told us so i said geee!!! no wonder she hit us.

The authority starts testing her but she failed. Officer read her offense and she started to cry because it was careless driving, dui and something damage personal property and her driver's license revoke then officer handcup her and bring her to jail.

Lesson : Don't drive under influence of alcohol you may kill yourself or somebody.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! God Bless Us All

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