Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Life & New Home

It is great to be with my hubby again after long waiting.., i am glad that he is happy like me that we finally live together now.

I was thankful he met me in Detroit or else i have problem coming to his place because i had bad headache that day. Oh well, my travel was a long one so must be the reason i had it.

Man, worthy to be with him his a nice and loving hubby from the start. Yes, i am blessed to have him in my life. We never be a millionaire but i am sure in our heart we won and we are a millionaire happy and inlove. I hope we will remain this way.

Thank you readers for continuously reading my love story and other stuff i had written here. God BLess everyone.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tribute on Father's Day

Mostly of us use to greet our mother on mother's day and it is rare for us to remember father's day - a tribute to our father and to all fathers that sacrifices for us also. Whom most of them are trying hard to provide our foods and any financial problem that the family is needed.

Mostly of the father/fathers love us in their own way unlike what our mother/mothers shown us.

And Mostly we forgot to greet our father/s on father's day...., I am doing this tribute to all fathers out there..., My father who is there in good and bad times who always protect us from any troubles and who is the one roll call during night time. Thank you! To my hubby who is a good man and father to his son..., someone who do his best to guide his son in right way, to my brother burog who tried to stand his feet for his family, to my brother-in-law who is there for my sister ching and to my new born niece. To Dad my hubby's daddy and to all male cousins, my uncles and to all male friends.... Happy Father's Day!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Im Getting Closer to YOU

After all the stressed and preparations of my medical and interview i'll be going to my hubby's place to live with him and to share one life FOREVER.

I am just hoping the man that i met and marry will be the man who is nice, thoughtful and loving man. He proved to me how much he loves me more than words he uttered.

And now that i am getting closer coming to YOU dear hubby please remain your wonderful attitude,love and humor and we will be fine.

You made my life complete. Love yah!!! SH

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I was expecting to have my visa delivery in 10 days and i was surprised i got it yesterday afternoon oh thank you GOD and all who prayed my visa journey i got first step done now.

I informed my husband about the good news and his like a little kid as happy he is lol oh well, why not his brat ,bad ass mama is coming to stop him smoking hahahahhaha. Plus, when i am there our ass won't be sore from too much chatting on each day hee hee

I am sad i have to leave my family { tears tears tears } lol but i knew family knew the best for my life...

I just hope that my POE officer won't be mean to me and they will let me enter US of A. Loverboy be there nyahahaha!!!

to my family ,relatives , friends and hubby. thank u for being there always. love you all!!!