Monday, December 31, 2007

Filipinos New Year's Beliefs and Practices

Aside from lighting firecrackers and having firework displays, Filipinos have other beliefs and practices which are associated and believed to bring good luck, fortune, and prosperity in the New Year.

The noise and the firecrackers is believe to drive the evil spirit away and make the New Year bountiful and blessed.
You should put coins/money in your pocket so that next year will be prosperous.

You should open all the windows, doors lights so that all the graces will come to your home as you welcome the New Year.
Some believe that you have to wear polka dots shirts or dress because it symbolize money, and it must have a deep pocket and filled with money bills and coins and jingled it at the stroke of midnight for good luck .
Some people pay off their debts in the hope that they will not be saddled with debt throughout the year.

The countdown of New year varies from family to family or from region to region. At the strike of 12:00 midnight, the noise becomes deafening, church bells rings , firecrackers rules the sky, kids gaping in awe as they see the different firecrackers, blooming in the sky. The banging and booming rise to a climax which includes clanging of old pots and pans, blowing jeep, car or tricycle horns, ambulance sirens for full one minute as the countdown to New Year.
It is also a favorite thing to do with children, is to jump twelve times so they will get taller next year the higher you jump the taller you grow. The loud noises and sounds of merrymaking are not only meant to celebrate the coming of the New Year but are also supposed to drive away bad spirits.
Around 12:15 am, the noise stops and the air is filled with human voice and the family starts to eat a thanksgiving feast called Media Noche, it is believe that we should put as much food on the table so that next year you will have food all year round. Twelve round fruits should be on the table as it is a sign of prosperity for the next twelve months. There is also a midnight mass celebration to welcome the New Year and to thank God for all His blessings.
Manigo at Masaganang Bagong Taon Sa Inyong Lahat !!!
A Happy and Prosperous New Year To All !!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

How do you determine which personality type is compatible to you?

Well, there are different types of matches:
Some people are attracted to
the same type.
Others are attracted to
the opposite type.
Yet, some are attracted to
complementary type.
That is because
there is a compatibility between personality development level that fits the match.
Which type fits you the most is dependent on your own personality development
because your wants and needs change depending on how well your own personality traits have developed.
This is why we are here to help you identify:
your personality type and
your personality development level
so you will know what is compatible to you
in order to find the love you are looking for, and
get your wants and needs fulfilled.

What Makes for a Happy Marriage?

1. Respect between the partners
2. Each person cherishes the other
3. Each person likes the other
4. Each finds pleasure and comfort in the others company
5. Emotional support of each other
6. Mutually satisfying physical intimacy
7. Expression of appreciation between the partners
8. The creation of fond memories
9. A feeling of safety, friendship, and trust
10. A feeling that the spouse is central to his or her world
11. An admiration of positive qualities such as honesty, generosity, decency, loyalty, and fairness
12. A strong sense of morality
13. The conviction that each person is worthy of being loved
14. A sense of reality, in that there are some problems but that they are surmountable
15. A view that each partner is special in some important regard
16. A sense that the marriage enhances each partner
17. The sense that there’s a unique fit between each partner’s needs and the spouse’s willingness and ability to meet those needs
18. The sense that each partner is lucky to have the other
19. An equitable division of household tasks and child rearing
20. A sense that the success of the marriage is attributable to both partners
21. An ability to express both positive and negative emotions
22. A shared view that the marriage takes constant attention and work

If I can complete these task

1. Save and invest wisely.
2. Teach other people to do the same.
3. Respect other peoples right.
4. Help the less fortunate people even in our own simple way.
5. Follow the laws and regulations.
6. Pressure the law makers to save the forest and enforce Family Planning.
7. If possible, sponsor a child for education.
8. Stay away from drugs and troubles.

9. Pray to God.
10. Live life to the fullest and be healthy.
Eat foods with high fiber like fruits, vegetables and etc.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sharing some Filipino Celebrations

Traditionally, the Filipino does celebrate birthdays, fiesta and the most common are the Christmas and New Year Celebrations.

In the Philippines, the most popular are the Christmas and New Year. The season starts way too early as soon as September. You are able to see the streets and the buildings decorated. You can see Christmas carolers everywhere.

That's right, each day when there is a celebration an individual prepares food for that festive day. You may questioned where these people gets the money for all those foods? And my only reply is the people in the Philippines saves every bit of their earnings to make the celebration happen as to say thank you for the life and for whatever important purpose of the events they are preparing for.

A Natal (Birthday) celebration is common way to say thank you of being alive.
A Fiesta (Patron's B-day) celebration is common way to say thank you that the particular patron guides the community.
A Christmas (Christ B-day) celebration is common way to acknowledge Christ is born that day.
A New Year's Day (1st day of January) celebration is common way to welcome the New Year.

Filipino value happiness and these kind of celebrations allow Filipino to bond their families and friends.